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Best and Popular Uwell Vape Kits

by William

Uwell is a famous vape company known for its high-quality vapes with various flavors. It is one of the top-selling brands in the market, with new vape products released every year. With different model variations that sell highly in the consumer market, Uwell has some best-selling vape products. Although all their products are excellent, Uwell has some model series that stand out and sell more than the rest of their products.

They have ten vape designs with unique designs and many flavors you can select. Even with the many products manufactured, Uwell vape kits are of excellent quality and have great performance features.

Best Uwell Vape Kits

Their most popular and high-end quality vape kit is the Caliburn series which has many great features and fuller flavors. On top of being the best-selling, the Caliburn series also has the best attributes and quality and is arguably the best Uwell vape kit. Below are some of their top-selling vape kits.

1. Caliburn AK2 Vape Kit

This vape has a compact design with a volume capacity of 2ml. It has a unique replaceable meshed coil which adds to the fantastic vaping experience. AK2 has a rechargeable battery of 520mAh with a 0.9ohm coil. It comes in many flavors and colors, giving you various options to find something that fits you.

2. Caliburn G2 Kit

It is an improved version of the Caliburn G pod kit with an adopted Pro-FOCS technology. This technology focuses on the richness of the flavors down to the last drop of the juice. It has an adjustable airflow system with a visible window to check on when to refill your kit. The kit has a 750mAh battery with a 1.2ohm meshed coil. Its maximum power output is 18W.

3. Caliburn Kit

Since this is the first pod kit by Uwell, it has a traditional look and feels, emphasizing simplicity. It has a button and an airflow system usable during smoking. It allows a maximum of 11W output power with a battery of 520mAh. The design is minimalistic but creative and has enhanced flavors.

4. Caliburn A2 Pod Kit

This starter kit has a 520mAh rechargeable battery with a 15-Watt maximum output. It is constructed from aluminum alloy with two coils in the tank, each 0.9ohms. In addition, this Uwell vape kit has an LED indicator with exquisite flavors from the juice. It can be operated through a button or a draw-activated feature element.

5. Caliburn GK2 Vape

The GK2 version has outstanding exterior features with a futuristic cyberpunk visual. Being an upgrade of the KOKO prime series, it has an output power of 18W with a built-in battery of 690mAh. It has a visible side to enable you to check on the vape juice and has a filling capacity of 2ml. This vape has an additional adjustable airflow with compatible coils of 0.1ohms, 0.8ohms, and 1.2ohms.


The Uwell vape kit brands are an essential must-have for every vaper. They significantly improve your vaping experience while offering the best flavors in the market with features that provide you with thicker smoke clouds. With their iconic Uwell Caliburn series, they have established themselves as one of the best brands in the vaping industry.

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