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How to Get Best Pressure Washer Nozzle

by William

The intensity of a pressure washer is important, and that is why we try to get a replacement pressure washer pump whenever it gets bad. However, while the pumping force and capacity of the pressure washer are important, the nozzle has a role to play. This guide will describe what you need to buy the best pressure washer nozzle.

Determine what you need

The first and most crucial part of getting a pressure washer is determining your need. The nozzle of a pressure washer indicates the intensity of your wash. In simple terms, the pressure washer nozzle you use defines how strong your pressure washer nozzle will work on each wash. Hence, what you want to wash is the first thing to be sure of. Pressure washer nozzles come with different intensities, each determining its power.

For instance, if you want to use a pressure washer on your windows, you do not need the most intense pressure washer nozzle. You need it to be as light as possible. But when you want to wash a concrete driveway, for example, low intensities will be like pouring water on the driveway. Instead, you will prefer the more intense pressure washer nozzle.

Understand the types of pressure washer nozzle

If you do not know about pressure washer nozzles, you will only assume that these pressure washer nozzles have different colors. Today, you see a pressure washer nozzle having a yellow color, the next day, it is green, and the day after that, you see black. Each of these colors has its respective meaning and effect in the intensities. Although the pressure washer’s power is the ultimate intensity given, the nozzle determines whether all of the pressure is let out or some of it. Let’s take a look at the different nozzle intensities so you can choose the intensity needed;

This pressure washer comes in a red color, and it is the most intense of all pressure washers. It is exceptionally useful when you are trying to remove tough stains like oil, rust, etc. You should never use this nozzle to wash a fragile surface, or you risk total damage.


This pressure washer nozzle, on the other hand, comes with a yellow color and is also an intense pressure washer nozzle. This nozzle is perfect for clearing paints, mud, and other tough stains. It is also not suitable for any fragile surface. But it is an ideal option if you want to clean a tractor and other construction materials because of mud.


The white nozzle is perfect for mild cleaning but still has enough force to remove dirt. For instance, it can clean a car perfectly without affecting the windows or other parts of the vehicle. But at the same time, it takes good care of the dirt in and around the car. The nozzle usually comes in a white color.


The 65° pressure washer nozzle is the weakest of all the nozzles. It can wash very fragile items like plants, but its major use is to apply soap.


Buying a good pressure washer is great for everyone. But using the wrong pressure washer nozzle with your device can damage your items or frustrate you. It is important to know the different types of pressure washer nozzles, as discussed in this article above. With this information, you will know which kind of pressure washer nozzle to buy.

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