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Reasons Why Customers Should Opt For Turkish Furnishings

by William

For good cause, the world is falling in love with furniture made in Turkey. Here are five ways in which Turkish furniture excels above the world’s two major furniture makers and exporters, Germany and China. When comparing prices, Turkish furniture is a better option than German and Chinese options. While German factories must cover high labor costs and Chinese factories must cover expensive shipping costs, Turkish factories can do without both. Because of this, the price of Turkish furniture has dropped significantly. Likewise, the quality of Turkish furniture surpasses that of both German and Chinese counterparts. Unlike many Chinese companies, which employ cheap materials and labor, Turkish artisans take considerable care in their work. What you get is usually cheaply manufactured furniture that doesn’t last more than a few months.

Since Turkish designers are renowned for their distinctive and inventive designs, turkish furniture may be regarded trendier than German furniture, since there is a greater diversity of styles that fits the eyes of not only European customers but even Africa. Turkish furniture also has more vibrant colors than the typically subdued German kind. Because of this, people looking for something really one-of-a-kind may consider purchasing a piece of Turkish furniture.


Turkish furniture is so much cheaper than its German and Chinese counterparts. To begin, unlike in other countries, the majority of the materials used to create Turkish furniture are readily available inside the country. Second, whereas the minimum salary in Shanghai, China, is roughly 310 euros per month, in Germany it is over 1610 euros per month. Because of this, the Turkish furniture market is inherently more affordable than its rivals.

Excellent Workmanship

High-quality workmanship is what makes Turkish furniture so well-liked across the globe. The finest materials are used, and great care is taken by the craftspeople who manufacture the furniture. The resulting pieces of furniture are both aesthetically pleasing and quite sturdy.

Reduced Hassle While Transporting

After the COVID container problem, importing furniture from Turkey is a lot better and more affordable option than importing from China. Because it has to be sent all the way from China, the cost of shipping Chinese furniture is considerable and it takes a long time to load.

Selections Of Possible Layouts And Designs

Differentiating it from the more conventional styles of German furniture is the fact that Turkish furniture is noted for its distinctive and frequently varied designs. There is always something fresh and intriguing to select from since Turkish designers are always developing new concepts. Also, it usually has a lot more color than the somewhat neutral German furniture we’re used to seeing. While the European aesthetic is dear to us at Eurus Concept, we recognize that it is not a universally applicable one. Potential buyers can identify at least one piece of Turkish furniture design that piques their interest.


As opposed to its rivals, the vast majority of Turkish furniture is made by hand. What this implies is that every piece of furniture is one-of-a-kind and handcrafted with love and care. In contrast, many pieces of German and Chinese furniture are mass manufactured in factories, which may lead to shoddy workmanship and lower standards. You know you’re receiving a well-made, durable piece of furniture when you purchase it from Turkey.

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